Life science Healthcare Research solution

Life Sciences Solutions and Pharmaceutical Research

We offer bespoke life sciences solutions and pharmaceutical research to support a number of functions within pharma, bio-pharma and medical device companies

Life Sciences Solutions and Pharmaceutical Research

We provide customised research solutions to life sciences and healthcare companies to help them understand the market and competitive landscape, improve efficiencies and productivity, conduct pipeline analysis, assess therapeutic areas and formulate effective developmental and commercial strategies.

Our engagements are with large and mid-tier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer health companies and healthcare consulting firms operating across the globe. We offer flexible, scalable and cost-effective strategic research solutions across key domains, covering a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Our clients have gained tangible business value through our unparalleled domain expertise, customised research offerings and effective execution capabilities.

Customer Testimonials

We appreciate the hard work of the entire Life Sciences Team. The output report was fantastic and clear cut. We are incredibly grateful for the meticulous attention to detail and original method used to support strategic research. We anticipate cooperating in the future on a variety of such consultancy projects.

Senior Director

Top pharmaceutical firm

Team, we wanted to acknowledge the excellent work you have done in providing valuable support to us this year. We wanted to give you an unofficial “Partners Award” for 2021! Given that many others at Acuity contributed, please feel free to share our gratitude with the rest of the team. Looking forward to another great year together!

Senior VP

Top US veterinary operator

This is great! You all really nailed it. We really appreciate the hard work and attention to detail. The final output is way beyond our expectations. Given the niche industry that we’re analysing, the intel has been instrumental in tying up a lot of loose ends and enforcing our hypothesis. We really look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

Project manager

Global consulting firm focused on strategy and technology

How we are different

Strong domain expertise
Strong domain expertise
Robust subject-matter expertise in life sciences solutions gained from working with global leaders across sectors
Proactive and experienced teams
Proactive and experienced teams
Highly experienced pool of resources available to undertake complex strategic research and analysis
Enhanced productivity with advanced technology
Enhanced productivity with advanced technology
Integrating data analytics capabilities with domain experts providing insight on analysis of large unstructured datasets
Excellent service offerings
Excellent service offerings
Broad spectrum of service offerings supporting a number of functions within pharma, bio-pharma and medical device companies
High data security
High data security
Structured governance process and high data security through sustained investment by Acuity Knowledge Partners
Long-term client relationships
Long-term client relationships
Long-term partnerships to drive efficiency in client operations and ability to scale up or down based on requirements, both current and future

What we have done

Competitor benchmarking and performance gap analysis for a leading European medical device player
What we are proud of

Identified opportunities for expansion and plausible revenue streams

Identified potential geographies and activation levers from competitors

Opportunity assessment and market attractiveness for one of the top 10 pharmaceutical major
What we are proud of

Benchmarked therapeutic areas with high clinical and market potential

Developed potential market scenarios based on client needs

Assessing viability of entering the NSCLC market
What we are proud of

Evaluated unmet needs to identify potential entry points

Conducted a deep-dive study of key assets and key players

Supplier assessment and industry benchmarking for a global top 10 pharmaceutical company
What we are proud of

Optimised vendor-associated costs across geographies

Identified billing arrangements across law firms

Assessment of GCC pharmaceutical market for a global European pharma major
What we are proud of

Analysed potential for entry into the GCC pharmaceutical market

Assessed possible market drivers and barriers to entry

Product launch strategy for European biopharmaceutical company
What we are proud of

Identified geographical concentration of demand

Designed optimal distribution channel configuration

Research on a multiple sclerosis drug with help from global neurologists
What we are proud of

Assessed the target market size, key competitors and current pricing range

Enabled the client to take informed decisions thereby increasing market penetration

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Patient treatment pathway analysis for venom allergies
What we are proud of

Increased customer/patient satisfaction and conversion rate

Gained a better understanding of stakeholders’ and patients’ behaviour along the pathway

Procurement in non-Food FMCG Industry
What we are proud of


sourcing cost reductions

Macro-economics/ regulation

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