Forensic Compliance Solutions and Support

Forensic Compliance

One-stop solution for your forensic compliance requirement

How we are different

Comprehensive audit trails, written reports, and recommendation plans

Readiness for regulatory changes for meeting complexing forensic compliance requirements

Customized reviews and tests that take into consideration risk parameters and unaccounted risks

In-depth expertise and knowledge in providing Forensic support to some of the leading financial institutions

What we have done

Forensic Compliance Support
What we are proud of

To evaluate its forensic process and bring it up to industry standards

Prepare and execute a test inventory

Best Execution Forensic review for an EMEA Asset Manager
What we are proud of

Review the current reporting processes and suggest improvements

Review the current reporting processes and suggest improvements

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Emerging Regulatory Risk Adherence for a Global Financial Services Firm
What we are proud of

Testing new regulatory implementation

Vetting existing risks

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