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Data operations and investor reporting can be time-consuming and labour-intensive for Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms. General partners (GPs) and Limited partners (LPs) spend far too much time chasing portfolio companies for data and trying to keep up with LPs’ reporting demands. This results in a lack of standardised portfolio data, limiting a fund’s ability to compare and analyse investments over the long term.

Here is where FolioSure can give PE and VC firms an added advantage in their portfolio monitoring and data operations functions. FolioSure is an end-to-end cloud-based portfolio-monitoring solution that enables accurate tracking and comparison of the performance of portfolio companies. It can be fully integrated into your current tech stack and processes, and be customised according to your requirements, so you can take full control of your portfolio’s life cycle.

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  • Managed services – Our PE and VC experts liaise with multiple stakeholders for data sourcing, consistency and accuracy. Moreover, they analyse available data to draw actionable insights with customised trend line charts
  • Highly customisable – Customisable according to user requirements – dashboard charts and analytics can be modified within a short period of time. Colour palettes can be changed to match the user’s standard reports
  • Robust cash flow engine – FolioSure has an inbuilt engine to calculate gross/net TVPI and IRR using fund cash flow. A fund’s track record data is calculated/updated automatically on a quarterly basis
  • Financial data extraction (FDE) tool– Semi-automated data extraction from quarterly reports (PDF format) into Excel significantly improves turnaround time (potential time saving of up to 30%)
  • In-built KPIs and metrics – Choose from over 300 KPIs for more than 25 sectors and sub-sectors that are built into the tool
  • Bespoke investor reporting – Generate comprehensive bespoke reports periodically to share with LPs and for internal consumption

Approach & Impact

  • Integrated systems in a single technology platform for end-to-end processing
  • Asset module integrated with business intelligence solutions and various layers of communication through a messaging system
  • Components of functional architecture of the portfolio management system: front-office, middleware, and back-office subsystems
  • 30-40% more cost effective than other service providers
  • 40-50% shorter turnaround time for portfolio monitoring and LP reporting
  • Integrated monitoring tool’s full front- to back-office capability to minimize integration requirements
  • Data uploaded on FolioSure is verified against audited files and can be used directly in client reports and PPTs
  • Flexible methods of connectivity to accommodate third-party data providers and technology systems
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