FolioSure – Portfolio Monitoring tool for Private Equity and Venture Capital

FolioSure is a comprehensive and secure portfolio monitoring & reporting digital solution that provides general and limited partners with accurate data tracking capabilities and a comparison of portfolio performance.

Take full control of the portfolio’s lifecycle

FolioSure is a complete portfolio monitoring and reporting solution for private markets. It features a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence to streamline the overall data journey, starting from data collection to report generation for private equity (PE), venture capital (VC) funds and fund of funds. It can be fully integrated into the current technology stack and processes and can be configured as per requirements to take full control of the portfolio’s lifecycle.

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    Streamlined data aggregation

    Consolidate financial and operational data from multiple sources leveraging Acuity’s managed services solution, ensuring accurate and timely reporting.

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    Advanced analytics & visualization

    Enable users to visualize data through interactive charts and drawing meaningful analytics using BI tool integrated within FolioSure.

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    Excel Plug-in

    Enable users to pull key financials and other metrices from FolioSure directly into excel models and templates.

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    Valuation module

    Inbuilt valuation module to value underlying portfolio companies using trading & transaction comparable.

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    Data Digitization

    Integrated with AI/ML based data extraction tool to automate data capturing from PDF fund reports and portfolio company board reports to ingest directly into FolioSure.

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    Dynamic KPIs and Formula Builder

    Dynamic KPIs can be created within FolioSure by applying formula and using existing static KPIs & financial line items.

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    Configurable Reporting Templates

    Simplifies client and internal reporting requirements using robust, built-in automated reporting tools.

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    ESG Module

    Enabling user to design their own bespoke ESG templates which can be based on ESG reporting framework including SFDR, GRI and SASB. This enable users to intuitively manage its quarterly/annual ESG reporting requirement.

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    Audit Trail

    Enabling users to open the source file from where information or data has been extracted to be able to review and authenticate the same.

Why Choose FolioSure?

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    30-40% more cost-effective than other portfolio monitoring service providers.

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    Shorter turnaround

    40-50% shorter turnaround time for private equity & venture capital portfolio monitoring and LP reporting.

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    In-built auditing

    100% audited data that can be used directly in client reports and PPTs.

“My primary use of the platform has been for investor reporting. The platform is intuitive and flexible. The FolioSure team has been a pleasure to work with throughout this process. They are attentive, thorough, and efficient – and most importantly, focused on making sure that they understand what you need before they undertake any work to minimise iterations. It’s so easy to communicate with them. Making the switch to FolioSure was the right decision.”

Investor Relations Manager,
Helios Investment Partners

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Customisable and Scalable Portfolio Management

Customise and fully integrate FolioSure into your current tech stack and processes for full control of your portfolio’s life cycle.

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