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Accounting Advisory


Accounting policies and principles are constantly updated to ensure true and better representation of financial statements globally. The rollover of IFRS 16 in 2019 led to a major change in recognising debt liabilities and their impact on valuations.

Acuity Knowledge Partners’ team of experts and certified professionals provides ongoing support on valuing financial instruments and businesses during transactions, incorporating changes in policies and principles, and on tax compliance and financial reporting in the normal course of business. Our team has extensive experience in areas such as fair value assessment of illiquid assets, complex financial instruments, impairment testing, business combinations, legal entity valuation and purchase price allocation.

Support we offer

Automation and workflow management platforms

How we are different

Enable clients to focus on high-value, revenue-generating activities by managing their time-consuming tasks

Ensure a robust governance structure, feedback sessions and consistent improvements in processes

Create tailored solutions for banks and financial advisory firms using our 18+ years of expertise

Provide customised support models with the flexibility to scale up based on demand dynamics and seasonal factors

What we have done

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