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Accounting Advisory

Robust accounting and valuation advisory support for tax and financial reporting needs

Accounting Advisory

Acuity Knowledge Partners’ Accounting and Valuation Advisory team of experts and seasoned professionals supports financial advisory and investment banking firms in valuing financial instruments and businesses during transactions.

We provide a full suite of Valuation-related services, delivering integrated solutions to financial advisory and investment banking firms and providing the necessary support to meet their Tax and Financial Reporting Valuation needs. We offer high-quality analysis and insights using appropriate underlying Modelling Techniques while leveraging advanced Statistical Tools and Financial Models to conduct Fair Value Measurement and Tax-related Valuations. These are in line with requirements stipulated by Accounting Standards, and incorporate changes in Tax Compliance, Financial Reporting Regulations, and Accounting Standards requirements.

Our team of seasoned professionals has 18+ years of extensive experience in areas such as fair value assessment of illiquid assets, complex securities, impairment testing, business combinations, legal entity valuation, and purchase price allocation.

Automation and workflow management platforms

How we are different

A one-stop solution for Financial Advisory firms, with comprehensive functional knowledge of all aspects of Valuation Advisory, Transaction Advisory, and Corporate Finance

Tailored Solutions for Financial Advisory firms using our 18+ years of expertise

Freeing up time of onshore teams to focus on High-Value, Revenue-Generating activities by managing time-consuming tasks and helping to improve Operational Efficiency

Flexible Engagement Models – customised solutions based on client requirements

Robust governance structure, feedback sessions and consistent process improvements

Operational Flexibility and Cost Optimisation

What we have done

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