BEAT Flow – Workflow Management Tool

BEATFlow is an easy to onboard, adaptable workflow management system. It provides transparent access to on-going activities, projection of up-coming work and intuitive historical insights on the engagement. Our BEATFlow clients include investment banks, commercial banks, private equity, and consulting firms.

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  • Workflow Management – End-to-end customized project workflow with audit trail of all key actions
  • Project Management – Efforts management, capacity planning, and automated forecast of team utilization
  • Collaboration – Sharing feedback, conducting reviews, and holding discussions with teams
  • Dashboard and Reporting – Dynamic and role-based reporting
  • Centralized Knowledge Repository

Approach & Impact

  • Intuitive work request creation (MS Outlook integration) and dynamic allocation to teams
  • Inbuilt BEAT automated digital tools, which boost team productivity while maintaining high accuracy level
  • Searchable knowledge repository with industry-specific best practice process templates – Enables content re-use and reference to past work, and understand the set processes for quick-turnaround
  • Auto-tracks team efforts and prepares timesheets corresponding to a request to enable billing to be forecast dynamically
  • 360-degree view of the engagement using inbuilt smart interactive dashboards and customized MIS reporting
  • Tracking of engagement ROI and enabling faster decision making
  • Incremental efficiency gains by closely monitoring and measuring the task’s flow
  • Accurate high-quality output for decision making during governance meetings
  • Seamless exchange of communication across teams/geographies
  • Everything centralized, searchable, and tagged to relevance
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