BEAT Flow – Workflow Management Tool

BEATFlow is Acuity’s premier workflow management platform that simplifies and streamlines engagements between our clients and our teams and provides insights and analytics on an engagement.

Now available on Apple iOS for use on iPhones and iPads

It is an easy-to-onboard and adaptable workflow management system. It provides a quick and clear view of project activities and work scheduled, and generates comprehensive reports on the engagement. BEATFlow is tailored to the financial services sector, and clients such as investment banks, commercial banks, private equity firms, asset managers and consulting firms engage with us through this system.
We combine research, technology and analytics to uncover differentiated insights and enable you to future-proof your project’s capabilities

  • Seamless workflow management

    BEATFlow enables end-to-end project workflow with an audit trail of all key actions, along with the email integration of project submission, tracking, delivery

  • Project management

    Creates workflow to suit a specific organization’s requirements and empowers effort management, capacity planning, and automated forecast of team utilization. Also, assists in track status/effort, document versioning, recurring tasks, and linked sub-requests

  • Centralised knowledge/document repository

    Gives easy 24x7 access to projects and documents through which clients can reach documents faster – with advanced filters

  • Dashboard and reporting

    Live tracking of projects and on-demand access to the dynamic report and personalized dashboards to get precise data on timelines, assignments, and status. Obtain demographic-wise insights on the engagement from multi-dimensional reports along with downloading the data or graphs.

  • Enterprise-grade security and access control

    Role-based access control for projects, documents, and data available and supports single sign-on (SSO)

  • Collaboration

    Enables you to share feedback, conduct reviews, and hold discussions with teams using the “Comments” functionality

  • Configurable email alerts and notification

    Notifies the user on changes to requests, feedback, dashboard, etc. and configures as many events you wish to be notified on

  • Highly configurable interface

    Create customised workflows to suit your requirements and manage roles, users, relationships, form fields, etc.

Why choose BEATFlow?

  • Access

    Access projects on the go with BEATFlow Mobile – app on iOS

  • SaaS apps

    Integrated launch pad for other BEAT SaaS apps

  • Workflow Management

    Flawless workflow management along with email integration for project submission

  • Repository

    Knowledge repository with easy 24x7 access to projects and documents

  • Tracking

    Live tracking of projects and on-demand access to reports

  • Security

    Enterprise-grade security and access control with single sign-on (SSO) supported

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Workflow management platform with centralised document repository to optimise workflow process and encourage reuse

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