A web-based platform to manage and automate company profiles

ProfileHub enables clients to seamlessly curate customised profiles in multiple formats.

Centralised profile repository for faster curation

ProfileHub provides real-time access to buyer or target profiles for faster execution of pitch materials.

  • Web-based platform

    An easy-to-use platform with individual user authentication

  • Template-agnostic solution

    Create formatted profiles in any template via its dynamic customisation functionality

  • Screening and analytics

    Intuitive search and dynamic filters to access buyer/target profiles

  • Centralised profiles

    A repository of curated profiles, which is easy to maintain and leverage for creating quicker profiles

  • Logo library

    An easy-to-source and easy-to-create centralised library of high-quality logos. Also enables automatic download of new logos

  • Multiple formats

    Creates a profile in multiple formats (one-page profile/strip profile) in a PowerPoint template

Why Choose ProfileHub?

  • Quicker turnaround

    2x faster than traditional process

  • Centralisation of data artefacts

    Improves operational efficiencies and productivity

  • Rationalise desktop publishing effort

    Formatted profile output reduces dependency on the Presentations team

Insightful profiles to augment deal origination

ProfileHub offers insightful profiles by leveraging Acuity’s research capabilities and expertise in IB analytics.

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