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Market research 2021 and upcoming trends:

A key function of the ....Read More

Raman Kumar

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Climate targets and ESG push in...

The environmental crisis is upon....Read More

Faisal Riyaz

July 30, 2021

Blog New
The G7 tax proposal: A definitive...

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Jeetendra Prakash,Mohit Choudhary

Blog New
Part 4: Key CX metrics and...

Unlocking organi....Read More

Mohita Gupta

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EDGE – Acuity’s award winning solution...

The consultant d....Read More

Pranay Shrivastava,Abhijeet Kumar

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Part 3: Reporting and data analysis...

Unlocking organi....Read More

Sanjay Malik

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Democratisation of Alternative Assets Using Tokenisation...

What comes first to your mind wh....Read More

Nishanth Neeli

Part 2: Why VOC programmes are...

Unlocking organi....Read More

Avinash Saxena

Part 1: What is “Voice of...

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Vandana Ahuja

Financial instruments with convertible features and...

Introduction:....Read More

Abhishek Gupta

The next big thing in banking...

The pandemic has affected our li....Read More

Ashutosh Gupta

Unlocking Wealth management practices – ...

A 2020 Natiaxis global survey fo....Read More

Shanteri K Rao

The growing popularity of NAV-based lending...

As general partners (GPs) start ....Read More

Bhargav Patro