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Blog New
Crafting customised solutions: Acuity Knowledge Partners’ KYC/AML expertise;

In the ever-evolving landscape o.... Read More

Suresh Chavali

Blog New
Why positive and negative ESG screening are crucial in sustainable business practices;

The concept of screening, althou.... Read More

Monika Singh

Blog New
Cross-Database Union in Tableau;

Tableau has established itself a.... Read More

Siddhartha Raj Khare

Blog New
Breaking down European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) for CSRD reporting;

The Corporate Sustainability Rep.... Read More

Rabin Thakur

Blog New
The evolution of the green and blue hydrogen markets and insights for the future;

Hydrogen is increasingly being r.... Read More

Shakun Singh

Blog New
Transforming through Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting;

In the dynamic landscape of corp.... Read More

Paritosh Singha

Blog New
Oil market pulse: January 2024;

Brent oil price recorded m/m gai.... Read More

Gaurav Sharma,Akshay Gupta,Surbhi Joshi

Understanding economic efficiency – the importance of the ICOR;

The incremental capital output r.... Read More

Sanchit Tuli

IFRS S1 and S2 – the dawn of sustainability reporting;

Overview.... Read More

Uttam Kumar Sharma

Investment compliance – why needed, trends and best practices;

What is investme.... Read More

Ranjith Poojary,Sandeep Khandelwal

A consumption-driven US economic recovery;

challenges amid .... Read More

Mahesh Agrawal,Neelaghandan Ganeshathas,Tyra De Silva

Patent Cliff: Can small healthcare firms dictate terms for bigger Pharma on the M&A deals?;

Pharma companies hold the exclus.... Read More

Karthikeyan G

Why customer experience management has become a top priority for businesses;

Customer experience management (.... Read More

Mitali Dua