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Commercial Real Estate Lending solutions across the loan life cycle covering all transactions and property types with experience in various underwriting tools driving operational efficiency


Acuity Knowledge Partners has proven capability in assisting Commercial Real Estate lenders and commercial banks across the value chain – from pre-screening, underwriting and closing to portfolio-monitoring activities. We also provide scalable delivery solutions for our clients’ increasing requirements as a result of changes in the risk environment, such as LIBOR transitioning, loan risk rating and platform migration including process transformation.

We enable our clients to drive revenue and transform their operating models, reducing their cost base. Our subject-matter experts who adopt industry best practices help increase output and reduce credit risk without compromising on quality. We have helped our clients increase volumes and grow their business, and supported them in reducing time for loan closing, even providing 24-hour turnaround on time-sensitive requests

What we have delivered annually


CRE risk ratings


pre-deal analysis


covenants validated


rent rolls and OS spreads

Automation and workflow management platforms

Engagement management solution

BEATFlow is an easy-to-onboard and adaptable workflow management system. It provides a quick and clear view of the ongoing activities

Engagement management solution

Proprietary engagement management solution

How we are different

24-hour turnaround for initial sizing and underwriting

30-35% more time for client-differentiating activities

100% on-time portfolio monitoring

Centralised, standardised and optimised output

100% compliance with bank’s credit policies

40-50% cost savings

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
End-to-end CRE services for a US-based commercial bank
What we are proud of


cost savings


more client-facing time

Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude to the team during this incredibly unique time. We have all been forced to adapt to new ways of doing business, and yet our ongoing relationship with our Acuity team members, as well as the Acuity leadership team, has continued almost as if nothing has happened. The continual support the team has provided through first our transition to WFH and then your own transition to WFH has been nothing but top notch. With all the additional expectations on the team, the quality of work has remained at high level.

National Portfolio Manager, CRE Division

Leading US Regional Bank

I was very pleased with the work product from Acuity, particularly Acuity’s ability to make proactive adjustments to adhere to underwriting and policy guidelines when appropriate. I look forward to working with Acuity moving forward. Acuity did a good job of laying out the pertinent risks in each transaction. While identifying risks (and more importantly the mitigants to those risks) is not an easy task, I thought Acuity was able to touch on the major points in each deal.

Portfolio Manager, CRE Division

US Regional Bank

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Meet our experts

Subhrojyoti Mandal

Director, Commercial Lending Services

Subhro has been with Acuity Knowledge Partners for over 8 years. He has 15+ years of extensive experience in credit analysis in the lending, counterparty and credit research domain. Subhro manages transition of new clients encompassing the credit analysis function across different lending lines of business. He has extensive work experience in banking products, process and systems across the lending value chain for global as well as regional corporate and commercial banks. He holds a Master of Commerce degree from Calcutta University.

Subhrojyoti Mandal
Subhrojyoti Mandal

Director, Commercial Lending Services

Rajul Sood

Senior Director, Commercial Lending Services

Rajul heads the commercial lending practice at Acuity Knowledge Partners and has been with the firm for over 15 years. She is responsible for strategic planning, delivery oversight and management, quality assurance and supporting the innovation and technology initiatives in Lending. Rajul has extensive experience in investment banking analytics and commercial lending research services. Apart from banks, the teams she oversees also have in-depth experience in working across different lending products, processes and systems for Fortune 100 companies, SMEs and real-estate businesses. She holds a Master of Finance and Control, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University.

Rajul Sood
Rajul Sood

Senior Director, Commercial Lending Services

Pedro Armstrong

Senior Director, Head – Commercial Banking and Asset Management Business Development

Pedro Armstrong is a Director at Acuity Knowledge Partners and leads business development efforts in the Americas for the Corporate and Commercial Banking, Buy-side, and Sell-side segments. He is responsible for managing key client engagements and works in partnership with capital market firms to provide customized solutions across research and analytics support, origination and lending support, and marketing and compliance support. He has been with the organization for 12 years, serving in various roles across Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and now the US. Prior to joining Acuity Knowledge Partners, he was a Central Bank Regulator at the Central Bank of Barbados. Pedro, who is a British Chevening Scholar, holds a Master’s degree (honors) in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School, City University, London.

Pedro Armstrong
Pedro Armstrong

Senior Director, Head – Commercial Banking and Asset Management Business Development

Balaji Ramakrishnan

EMEA Head – Banking & Asset Management

Balaji Ramakrishnan leads Europe and Middle East business development for Acuity. Having spent his formative years in core banking technology operations, he brings a deep understanding of credit processes and the ability to make analytics-driven decisions. He works closely with senior client stakeholders as a trusted partner, shaping the business case for scaled efficiencies through centralisation, standardisation and intelligent automation within Commercial Lending and Asset Management verticals.

Balaji has established long-term partnerships with banks, asset managers and insurance firms across a number of front and middle office transformation initiatives over the past 20 years. Prior to Acuity, he worked at Accenture and Oracle, serving European financial services clients. He holds an MBA from the London Business School.

Balaji Ramakrishnan
Balaji Ramakrishnan

EMEA Head – Banking & Asset Management

Kaushik Biswas

Director, Business Development, Middle East

Kaushik Biswas is a Director with Acuity Knowledge Partners, managing strategic client relationships and exploring new opportunities across the Middle East region. He joined the business in 2005, and is based in our London office with frequent travels to the region.

He has been with Acuity for over 14 years in a variety of roles. His last role within the firm was heading the Global Account Management function with teams across New York, London and Hong Kong. He has been part of the Corporate Development team looking after M&A and Integration as well as managed multiple large sized delivery teams based in India.

Before Acuity, Kaushik worked in the Sales and Business Development team for Ford and Toyota before joining the Analytics team for GE Capital International Services where he worked until 2005.

Kaushik Biswas
Kaushik Biswas

Director, Business Development, Middle East


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