Competitor benchmarking and performance gap analysis for a leading European medical device player

  • Identified opportunities for expansion and plausible revenue streams

  • Identified potential geographies and activation levers from competitors

  • A leading European medical device player wanted to evaluate its competitive positioning relative to other major players’
  • Key challenges were :
    • Expanding its geographical footprint and product portfolio
    • Developing a roadmap for launching products in new and emerging-market segments
    • Identifying potential activation levers and competitors’ strategies
    • Identifying plausible challenges during expansion
  • Benchmarking competitors based on :
    • Operating segments
    • Geographical footprint – manufacturing and sales
    • Products and pipeline
    • Peer analysis and scoring
    • Collaboration and partnerships
    • Impact of competitors
  • Industry profiling based on :
    • Market size, industry growth
    • Trends, drivers and challenges
    • Country policies
    • M&A target screening
    • Regulatory research


  • Evaluated the company’s relative position in each therapeutic area and overall
  • Helped the company understand key opportunity areas and activation levers to unlock value
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