Opportunity assessment and market attractiveness for one of the top 10 pharmaceutical major

  • Benchmarked therapeutic areas with high clinical and market potential

  • Developed potential market scenarios based on client needs

  • One of the top 10 pharmaceutical majors wanted to determine market attractiveness and assess opportunities for its asset being developed for CLL, MCL and WM
  • Key challenges were:
    • Benchmark therapeutic areas being based on diverse parameters involving clinical, regulatory and market assessment
    • Building a 360-degree view of the market by combining market sizing with adoption share
    • Market attractiveness based on regulatory/NCCN approval, adoption, reimbursement and market access
    • Understanding niche therapeutic areas
  • Competitive analysis:
    • Identified key competitors within each indication and patient population
    • Conducted a detailed comparison of the client’s asset and each asset in the pipeline
    • Scored the client’s asset in terms of clinical attractiveness within each indication
  • Market sizing:
    • Adopted a bottom-up sizing approach – from disease prevalence to the diagnosed and drug-treated population in major markets (the US and EU5)
  • Key differentiator analysis:
    • Generated revenue estimations in each indication based on adoption share
    • Factored in the differences for adoption share and launch timelines and estimated duration of therapies
  • Advised on the attractiveness of the indications among CLL, MCL and WM
  • Created market scenarios based on regulatory approvals, reimbursement and market access
  • Built a dashboard to enable the client to customise results based on assumptions
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