BondsHub – A digital managed service for municipal bond issuers

Combining our team of experts with innovative technology solutions, we enable analysts to reduce time spent on consolidating historical data, freeing up capacity to optimise investment strategies

Spend less time on municipal bond research so you can focus on optimising investment decisions

As a solutions provider with over 20 years of experience in public finance research and municipal research, we understand our clients’ needs and offer a range of solutions, to support more than 80 firms.
The breadth of our experience, combined with our technology solutions, enables us to offer a unique proposition to firms investing in municipal bond markets.

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    Proprietary municipal analysis

    A service that combines our proprietary technology, BondsHub, and a team of experts in municipal analysis

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    Nationwide sector coverage

    Coverage of all states and sectors in the US

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    All-inclusive financial capture

    Enhanced proficiency to capture financials, macro information and news on one platform

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    A comprehensive municipal solution

    Comprehensive solution for all municipal bond-related macro information (nation, state and county)

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    Competitive market analysis

    Analysis of your competition within our coverage

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    Interactive KPI parameters

    Interactive KPIs on a number of parameters

Why choose BondsHub?

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    Our industry expertise

    Industry leader in municipal credit research with over 20 years’ experience, supporting more than 800 client analysts across more than 80 clients.

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    Technology enabled team

    Dedicated fundamental research support from a specialised team enabled with proprietary technology.

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    Faster coverage of a larger universe

    15-20% larger universe can be handled by an individual Acuity analyst and 15-20% time saving compared to manual analysis.

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    Significant cost benefits

    Data automation to provide time and cost savings, with configurable products and analysis to reflect clients’ ways of working and budgets.

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BondsHub, a digital solution for municipal bond issuers, backed by our decades-long expertise in public finance research

Spend less time on municipal bond research so you can focus on optimising investment decisions

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