CovenantPulse – Bespoke Covenant Monitoring and Compliance Software

Covenant dashboard with early warning signals for improved risk governance

Strengthen your credit risk governance practice

CovenantPulse is an automated solution that provides in-depth understanding of debt/loan covenant compliance, it delivers early warning signals of deteriorating covenant quality and generates advanced covenant analytics. Our clients are using this solution as a self-service model (an SaaS approach) or an exhaustive managed services model that combines the domain expertise of our subject matter experts with CovenantPulse.

  • Developed by credit experts replicating industry best practices

  • Covenants are modeled in accordance with loan documents

  • Independent validation of covenants from financial spreads

  • Advanced dashboards to facilitate credit decisions through easy-to-use data and trend structures

  • Covenant informatics and insights such as headroom and deviation analysis for early warning of deteriorating covenant quality

  • Email alerts on covenant triggers or breaches to defined user groups

Why choose CovenantPulse ?

  • Cost-effective

    40-50% more cost-effective than other service providers

  • Shorter Turnaround

    30-40% shorter turnaround time through a centralized covenant monitoring solution

  • Strengthens Credit Risk Governance

    In-built early warning triggers for improved credit decisions

  • Standardised Output

    Standard covenant validation template modules across the loan book and covenant types

Fast and scalable covenant monitoring solution with short implementation cycle

Integrate CovenantPulse with your loan management system to validate covenants independently and to get timely alerts and notifications

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