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Index Solutions

We offer end-to-end index support services to benchmark index providers, trading and structuring desks on the sell side and investment management firms

Index Solutions Overview

As the focus shifts towards more passive strategies and ETFs, cost pressure increases, driving the need for innovative, market-relevant products and building infrastructure to support growth. Acuity Knowledge Partners is one of the leading global third-party vendors of index support with more than 15 years of experience in supporting some of the top benchmark index providers. We offer end-to-end index support services under one roof – we provide reference and index data and analysis, index creation and index operations across strategy, benchmark index and thematic indices, index marketing and client servicing.

By leveraging our broad suite of index solutions and services, our clients can move up the value chain and overcome budgetary and research bandwidth constraints. We help our clients develop and test new and monetizable research ideas. Furthermore, our research and analytics expertise and ability to take on regular maintenance work free up their time to focus on higher-priority objectives.

How we are different

Creating operational efficiencies

Broad exposure in working with large players in the fixed-income and equity-index space resulting in adopting best practices

Well-experienced team supporting benchmark index, smart beta and thematic indices

Provider of creative right-shore opportunities: offshore, nearshore, onshore and offshore same-time support

What we have done

Corporate action adjustment support
What we are proud of


annual cost savings


new indices

Daily index management support to an ETF provider
What we are proud of


cost saving


operational bandwidth saving

Global benchmarks and investment management firm
What we are proud of


automated solution for data sourcing, processing and addressing manual errors and anomalies


cost reduction in TOM by establishing an offshore dedicated team of experts

Quants Index Support for a Europe-based Investment Bank
What we are proud of


annualized cost savings


indices being supported

Meet our experts

Priya Chakkingal

Director, Head – Index Services

'Priya has over 20 years of work experience in supporting index and ETF players in managing both benchmark and strategy indices across asset classes. At Acuity Knowledge Partners, she has been instrumental in setting up and managing teams supporting large index providers for over 12 years. Prior to this, she was with Infosys, where she was involved in supporting an Index Quants team for a large investment bank, primarily in construction and maintenance of fixed income indices. She holds a Master of Economics from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Mumbai.

Priya Chakkingal

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