Patient treatment pathway analysis for venom allergies

  • Increased customer/patient satisfaction and conversion rate

  • Gained a better understanding of stakeholders’ and patients’ behaviour along the pathway

  • Compiled key parameters to focus on when launching products to mitigate venom allergies

  • Understand the patient treatment pathway for allergic reactions to bee/wasp/hornet stings
  • Understand a patient’s experience with healthcare providers during treatment of allergy
  • Understand a patient’s preference for and experience with venom immunotherapy (VIT)
  • Conducted detailed primary research of c.300 patients diagnosed with allergies to bee/wasp/hornet stings
    • Respondent selection: respondents from six European countries diagnosed medically with venom allergies
    • Diagnosis and treatment: in-depth analysis of diagnosis of allergic reactions and treatment modalities
    • Experience with VIT: information on familiarity with VIT treatment, adoption and completion of treatment
  • Analysed the large amount of data the research generated to gain meaningful insight on a patient’s behaviour
    • Demographic analysis: analysed patient preferences and behaviour by demographic and geography Stakeholder
    • Stakeholder analysis: analysed the level of interaction between patients and stakeholders at different stages of treatment and assessed the importance of each stakeholder
    • VIT treatment analysis: analysed a patient’s preference for VIT over other treatment and studied how they were made aware of such treatment


  • Acuity Knowledge Partners provided research and analysis support to formulate actionable insights
  • Provided a comprehensive assessment of demographics, stakeholders and patient behaviour
  • Highlighted the importance of each parameter along the VIT treatment pathway
  • Identified level of penetration and stakeholders’ knowledge of current treatments
  • Helped client ascertain which stakeholders or regions to target and focus resources on
  • Highlighted patients’ pain points along the treatment pathway, helping the client improve their product/s and service
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