Renewable Energy Research


We support companies active in investing, generating and distributing renewable and sustainable energy, and focused on increasing the share of clean energy in the overall global energy mix. We support client teams with strategy, product and business development, and market intelligence initiatives, leveraging our sector research and consulting experience to deliver critical insights, run analyses, and build business models and collateral in a cost-efficient manner, introducing operational efficiencies across business processes. We achieve this through our bespoke end-to-end support and dedicated working models

Support we offer

How we are different

15 years of industry experience, supporting industry participants across the oil & gas, power & utility, renewables, OFS, OEM, and other related segments

One-stop shop for all your requirements, with offerings including solutions customized to specific business needs across the energy value chain

Options and flexibility for clients to manage their volatile workloads and optimize their productivity

Team (staffed with professionals with diversified industry experience) that provides solutions covering multiple perspectives, considering financial, industry, and market dynamics

Expertise across oil & gas, renewables, EV markets, smart home, home generation, smart grid, home analytics, retail fuels, LNG, chemicals, services, and many other related themes

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Market and Competitive Intelligence for an Energy focused PE Firm
What we are proud of


investment identified in the UK renewable industry

analyzed asset portfolio of leading players

Our perspective on Renewable Energy Research
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