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Company filings and reports serve as the basis for a number of analyses and research activities carried out by investment banking professionals and financial services firms. The first step in activities such as conducting a comparable valuation analysis, benchmarking analysis or company profiling and building a financial model is downloading the relevant company reports. Everyday, analysts spend significant amounts of time searching for and downloading filings of multiple companies from various sources. The typical challenges include having to access different sources/websites for filings, searching through long lists of documents to find the required reports and downloading one filing at a time.

Acuity Knowledge Partners’ FilingsHub – a SaaS based solution – provides an end-to-end solution to ease these challenges, simplifying and streamlining the manual process. By leveraging this tool, analysts can then spend their time on the actual analysis rather than the process of sourcing company filings.

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  • Access real-time filings: You can view/download company filings (of up to 50 companies at a time) in real time
  • Broad country coverage: Get regulatory filings for multiple countries via a single platform – US, UK, Canada, Japan and more
  • Simple search criteria: Search by company name, filing type or period
  • Bulk download: Quickly download a large number of filings in one click
  • Filing alerts: Get real-time email notifications for subscribed companies/filings

Approach & Impact

  • Select your country of choice. We currently support United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Africa, India, and South Korea - we are expanding to include more countries
  • Select from a pre-set period range of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years or you can customise the date range as per your need
  • Choose from various filing types available based on your country selection. You can add up to 50 companies simultaneously and get their filings
  • View/download the relevant filings (individual or bulk download) in Excel, Word, or PDF formats
  • Improved operational efficiencies that come with a single-platform solution
  • Time savings and enhanced productivity
  • Reduce cost of subscribing to multiple platforms for different countries
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