Access SEC Filings and Global Financial Reports

FilingsHub streamlines SEC research and provides access to global filings

A centralised platform for financial and regulatory filings

FilingsHub generates real-time alerts and notifications for global company coverage

  • Broad country coverage

    Financial and regulatory filings in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific

  • Real-time filing alerts

    Subscription to financial alerts and notifications

  • Collaboration

    Share analysis and content offline with colleagues

  • Research and analytics

    Financial benchmarking, trading comparables, transaction comparables, company profiles, public information books

  • Bulk downloads

    View/download filings (of up to 50 companies) in real time. Includes private-company documents

  • Audit trail and analysis

    Save and track historical deliverables

Why Choose FilingsHub?

  • A one-stop shop

    for multi-country filings

  • Save time

    to focus on research and insights

  • Track company filings

    with real-time alerts

  • Save and share important information

    by highlighting reference text in any document

  • Download financial data in Excel

    for a wide range of financial and operating metrics

Streamline SEC research

FilingsHub enables bankers to research companies, themes, and trends with intuitive filing searches

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