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Our Approach

We support our clients by providing a wide array of technology services/solutions covering bespoke application development, data management/solutions, data/platform integration, process automation and optimisation, ETL services, application maintenance/support and visualisation/reporting services. We offer clients scalable and customisable technology solutions to improve efficiencies, reduce time to market and save costs.

We provide technology services and support to Fintech/financial institutions and enterprises by offering a unique combination of cutting-edge technology expertise and domain expertise to provide best-in-class custom solutions. We cater to firms in various stages of their lifecycle – from Fortune 500 corporations to mid-tier firms to startups. We have a unique understanding of the needs of firms at different stages of their lifecycle.

Support We Offer

Support We Offer

How we are different

18+ years of experience in creating tailored solutions for banks and financial services

Experienced and highly talented fintech experts to build flexible and scalable cutting-edge technology solutions

Unique “centre of excellence” approach to enable optimal solution design

In-house domain and subject matter experts for optimal solutions

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Multi-year Technology and Operations Partnership between Acuity and Global Benchmarks and Investment Management firm
What we are proud of
API-based access to analyst credit research model data for advanced analytics and visualisation for top-tier European asset manager
What we are proud of


Automation in the publishing of model data

Improved data quality

Risk data, application management and reporting for a consortium of 20 development banks
What we are proud of


automated report generation process


Reduced cost of ca.

CRO risk data, CECL, analytics and reporting for a US-based bank
What we are proud of

Offered scalable automated solutions

Centralised one data warehouse

Centralised risk data warehouse including APIs for a bulge bracket investment bank
What we are proud of


Reduced cost by


market indicators time series data from source providers

Enterprise Application Development And Data Management Streamlining For a US Pension Advisory Firm
What we are proud of


Increased efficiency by


Y/Y client growth

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