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Our approach

Acuity Knowledge Partners is a global one-stop shop for solutions for all major activities of market research services, offering a combination of latest technology, optimum execution techniques, robust quality, and extensive experience. We provide market research services across various industry verticals and have a scalable resource pool of domain experts.

Support We Offer

  • Market Research and Insights

    As markets move at a swift pace, market research and intelligence become critical for all businesses. Acuity’s end-to-end market research consultancy helps you understand markets. We are industry-agnostic and work across the value chain of a particular industry/process to deliver value and trustworthy data. Our research is anchored in empathy- and emotion-driven responses for B2C studies and fact- and data-driven insights for B2B studies that help brands and businesses understand the crux of the problem and make informed decisions.

  • Research Publishing

    Research Publishing services, including supervisory analyst (SA) approval, editing, formatting & publishing, and design, have become a bottleneck for timely publication of reports and an area where costs have increased, since skilled SAs, editors, and formatting & publishing and design specialists are difficult to hire, train, and retain. Many of our clients are, therefore, outsourcing the process to reduce costs, increase efficiency, cut down on management oversight, and tap into a large pool of skilled resources with domain expertise.

    Acuity Knowledge Partners’ Research Publishing team – SAs, Editors, and Formatting & Publishing and Graphic Design Specialists – has over 15 years of experience serving global financial services firms. They review, approve, and publish research, meeting tough deadlines in a fast-paced work environment and amid a heavy flow of content. Working with our teams across the globe, clients can take advantage of the ‘follow-the-sun’ engagement model, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.

How we are different

ESOMAR corporate member adhering to its market research code

ISO 20252, 9001, 27001 certified, ensuring highest levels of data security and compliance

Over 15 years of impeccable track record in providing market research services to global top 20 Market Research firms

Expertise in industry leading tools from simple spreadsheets to modern research and visualization tools

Unique consultative approach with uninterrupted, flexible and customized support models

Change management ensures seamless integration with client teams to enable quick scalability and work initiation faster

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Data Processing Support for a Telecom Firm’s Global Expansion
What we are proud of


increase in revenue


increase in mobile customers

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
TURF Analysis for a US FMCG Firm
What we are proud of

Successfully retained the best product attributes

Boosted client sales through new product combinations

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Conjoint Analysis for a Dutch Brewing Company
What we are proud of

Improved customer perception

Increase in sales for client

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Understanding Perception Regarding a Particular Drug
What we are proud of

Improved CSAT ratings

Improvised packaging

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Improving performance of customer service function
What we are proud of


Improvement in operational efficiency

Shift focus on more critical function areas

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Market Assessment – Online Banking Services
What we are proud of

Assess the adoption rate of online banking services

Improved CSAT ratings; Remarkable interest generation

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Meet our experts

Sumit Soni

Director – Market Research Services

Sumit heads Market Research Services at Acuity Knowledge Partners, responsible for managing innovation, market expansion strategy and continued enhancement of client returns. He has over 15 years of experience across multiple service lines, including consulting, market research, data analytics, strategic and business research, and financial services. He is an ESOMAR member.

Sumit Soni
Sumit Chhabra

Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate, Private Equity and Consulting/Venture Capital Services

Sumit heads the Consulting & Private Equity vertical at Acuity Knowledge Partners. He also oversees the China Delivery Centre. Sumit is responsible for strategy formulation and implementation, innovation and business development, in addition to providing oversight to delivery groups. He has more than 18 years’ experience across diverse lines of services, including private equity, consulting, market research, investment banking, and commercial banking. In his previous roles at Acuity Knowledge Partners, Sumit was instrumental in setting up the Investment Banking vertical and multiple other services. He also led the business turnaround of a subsidiary company as its COO. He is a chartered accountant and a national rank holder in the foundation level of ICAI.

Sumit Chhabra

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