TombstoneHub – Automated Credentials Builder for Investment Banks

TombstoneHub streamlines and automates the creation of fully formatted tombstones or credential slides for investment bankers

Automated Tombstone Generation for Investment Bankers

Analysts and presentations specialists at all investment banks and advisory firms spend a significant amount of their time creating the perfect credential slide. The typical challenges are dis-organised deal information, inconsistent formats and templates, and highly manual effort of formatting. Our solution to these challenges is a SaaS-based product that streamlines and automates credential slides (tombstones) creation in any client template instantly.

  • Web-based platform

    Easy to use SaaS platform with individual user authentication

  • Centralised data

    Collates and centralises deal data on a single platform by importing data from Excel/PowerPoint or integrating with SQL databases or other applications such as Salesforce

  • Logo library

    Our credential builder comes with an easy-to-source and easy-to-create centralised library of high-quality logos. Automatic download of new logos

  • Custom filters

    Ability to build customized deal lists through multiple filter options

  • Template-agnostic solution

    Creates formatted and organised tombstones in any template, through dynamic customisation functionality

  • Edit existing Slides

    Use your existing investment banking tombstones and update them as required

Why Choose TombstoneHub ?

  • Time Savings

    Potential time savings of up to 80%

  • Cost-Effective

    30-40% more cost-effective than other service providers.

  • Automation

    Fully automated solution, removes reliance on DTP team

  • Tailored for Investment Banks

    Built by our Investment Banking team working with tech experts

Streamline and Automate your Tombstone / Credentials Slide creation with TombstoneHub

Integrate TombstoneHub into your existing pitch book generation workflow and save time by creating fully formatted credential slides in any template instantly.

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