Re-imagine Front Office Efficiency

with our contextual technology solutions

Explore solution modules that are contextual to financial services industry. Quickly automate processes or fast track projects with the perfect blend of technology and subject matter expertise. Explore our BEAT suite of solutions.

Contextual, customizable and scalable products
with a focus on generating immediate ROI

TombstoneHub – Automated Credentials Builder for Investment Banks

TombstoneHub – Automated Credentials Builder are an integral part of any investment banking pitch or marketing collateral. Analy... More

Investment Banks

Custom-built proprietary platform to automate consultant database (CDB) updates

Acuity Knowledge Partners offers a unique and flexible consultant database (CDB) update solution that combines smart technologies... More

Asset Managers

FolioSure – Portfolio Monitoring for Private Equity & Venture Capital

Data operations and investor reporting can be time-consuming and labour-intensive for Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (V... More

Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

CovenantPulse – An efficient automated covenant monitoring solution

Covenant performance trends are a key indicator of changing credit risk. Most of the banks today have a decentralized system of mo... More


FilingsHub – Simplify Company Filings Downloads

Company filings and reports serve as the basis for a number of analyses and research activities carried out by investment banking ... More

Aura – Financial Data Extractor

Research analysts, portfolio managers and investment bankers spend a significant amount of time on manual and resource-intensive f... More

Investment Banks, Investment Research

Automated Financial Model Builder

Analysts spend a lot of time on creating and maintaining financial models as they populate historical and forward-looking financia... More

Asset Managers, Investment Research

Broker Votes and Scorecards Automation Tool

Acuity Knowledge Partners’ Broker Votes and Scorecards Automation Tool can be used to generate customized analyst/sector broker ... More

Investment Research

BEAT Flow – Workflow Management Tool

BEATFlow is an easy-to-onboard and adaptable workflow management system. It provides a quick and clear view of the ongoing activit... More

Investment Banks, Investment Research


BEAT unbundles complex tasks

BEAT-enabled solutions utilize a combination of technology automation and our subject matter experts. This drastically improves turnaround times without compromising on quality and accuracy. Besides our tech team is constantly improving automation capabilities with machine learning and NLG.

Commercial Lending Solutions

Presenting commercial lending solutions that combine institutionalized knowledge of credit experts and intelligent automation capabilities to help banks centralize, optimize and standardize their lending function.

BEAT Navigator – Hedging Strategies Simplified

Navigator analytics engine can be used to analyze, quantify and visualize foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price risk in portfolios, and further understand risk/return characteristics of a portfolio under different derivatives-based hedging strategies.

BEAT-enabled solution Suite for Investment Banking

The investment banking solution suite enables banks to derive faster turnaround times without compromising on accuracy. It helps firms to enhance client service, drive revenues while reducing costs and aid talent retention.

BEAT-enabled Earnings Model Update for Investment Research

Perform earnings model updates in minutes. Our contextual technology embedded with NLG and supported by subject matter experts delivers accurate output in a fraction of time taken by conventional methods. Moreover it has in-built mechanisms to aid auditing.

Customized BEAT-enabled solutions as per
your business need

Our BEAT custom solutions team can enable you to fast track any project by quickly scaling your team.

It comprises of well trained and industry ready professionals across domains, technologies and platforms.

Explore BEAT Custom Solutions

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