Multi-year Technology and Operations Partnership between Acuity and Global Benchmarks and Investment Management firm

  • Cost reduction by 40%

  • Elimination of all vulnerabilities

  • Complete automation of data sourcing and processing

  • The Technology and Operations team of Global Benchmarks and Investment Management firm
  • Key aspirations:
  • Relaunch the Benchmark business
  • Become the leading Index provider
  • Reduce manual anomalies and errors
  • Develop a more robust, secure and user-friendly application
  • Deployed a dedicated team (more than 40 members) of tech architects, user interface (UI) developers, .NET developers, Azure specialists and Index operations specialists for the high-frequency Index Platform Development and Maintenance programme
  • Developed a platform having capabilities to source data from multiple sources, cleanse the data, store data as a golden copy to be fed into a rule-based index calculator and deliver performance and risk analytics with multi-channel distribution
  • Focused on developing an advanced and complex UI with industry leading throughput
  • Worked on end-to-end Build and Maintenance of the Platform and Index Operations and Research
  • Delivered a fully automated solution for data sourcing and processing
  • Achieved 40% cost reduction by deploying highly skilled technology and quants subject matter experts
  • Reduced manual error and anomalies with automated data sourcing and validations
  • Eliminated all vulnerabilities by developing a robust, scalable, secure and user-friendly application
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What we have done

API-based access to analyst credit research model data for advanced analytics and visualisation for top-tier European asset manager
What we are proud of


Automation in the publishing of model data

Improved data quality

Risk data, application management and reporting for a consortium of 20 development banks
What we are proud of


automated report generation process


Reduced cost of ca.

CRO risk data, CECL, analytics and reporting for a US-based bank
What we are proud of

Offered scalable automated solutions

Centralised one data warehouse