CRO risk data, CECL, analytics and reporting for a US-based bank

  • Offered scalable automated solutions

  • Centralised one data warehouse

  • Automated reporting

  • US-based bank
  • Key challenges were:
    • Business operations managed in silos
    • Frequent requests for multiple data definitions and data transformation
    • Multiple systems to manage data
    • Fast-paced regulatory changes and business demand
  • Deployed a team of experienced subject matter experts to support validation and verification of data mapping, data mapping and lineage documentation, as per current expected credit loss (CECL) requirements
  • Captured/collected information from multiple sources within the organisation, automating the data sourcing, where possible
  • Transformed and standardised data points into a common data format
  • Validated sourced risk data for completeness (including risk factors) and integrity
  • Suggested precise data taxonomy and maintained data dictionary
  • Defined and developed data staging and a central data warehouse structure to assist in enterprise data aggregation to support diverse data integration, enterprise data governance and metadata management
  • Automated risk data aggregation and control to reduce errors
  • Prepared accurate, comprehensive and clear reports for effective decision-making using PowerBI and PowerApps


  • Assisted in ETL and/or data design while reviewing and ratifying the overall process
  • Accelerated data streamlining and availability, supporting CECL data requirements and data mapping validation, documentation and risk data aggregation/transformation with documentation
  • Reduced manual error and anomalies due to automated data sourcing and validations
  • Improved turnaround on generating reports and publishing
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