Risk data, application management and reporting for a consortium of 20 development banks

  • Automated 100% of the report generation process

  • Reduced cost of ca. 40%

  • Ensured 100% elimination of vulnerabilities

  • Chairman and Chief Risk Officer of a global data consortium of 20 development banks
  • Key challenges were:
    • Data quality, accuracy and availability
    • Data redundancies
    • Lack of adherence to SLAs
  • Deployed a team of experienced technology subject matter experts to help manage a credit risk database (i.e. probability of default [PD], recovery rate and migration metrics) of more than 10,000 counterparties and 25,000 contracts through a four-stage approach
  • Stage 1 - Hosting: A dedicated server hosting governed by Acuity Knowledge Partners’ (Acuity) security, disaster recovery and contingency protocols within Acuity-affiliated data centers
  • Stage 2 – Maintenance and support: Provided assistance on maintenance and enhancement of the application and database in addition to addressing business queries
  • Stage 3 – Enhancement: Leveraged Acuity’s experience in managing consortiums to add value while taking over the data management and enhancement
  • Stage 4 – Data Verification and reporting: Implemented two-factor authentication with data anonymisation and automated the annual report-generation process (rule-based automation) with minimal maintenance


  • Ensured 100% automation in the annual report-generation process with minimal maintenance
  • Reduced cost by ca. 40% in TOM by establishing an off-shore dedicated team of experts
  • Ensured 100% elimination of vulnerabilities by developing a robust, secure and user-friendly application
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