Enterprise Application Development And Data Management Streamlining For a US Pension Advisory Firm

  • Increased efficiency by 95%

  • Achieved 50% y/y client growth

  • Automated ca. 80% of the fund status report-generation process

  • Portfolio management team of a top US pension advisory firm
  • Key challenges were:
    • Enhanced client reporting
    • Improved the ability to source new investments and retain clients
    • Better fund manager evaluation
    • More robust and integrated database and reporting architecture
  • Re-engineered the business process by building a centralised data warehouse to extract data from various internal and external data sources
  • Developed a complete framework for the entire research, analytics and operations process
  • Developed comprehensive ETL services, data adaptors and data validation filters
  • Built an analytical platform to speed up the regulatory and investor report-generation process
  • Used data validation filters for publishing research, analytics and reports at an enterprise level
  • Achieved an overall efficiency improvement of 95% for generating a 70-pager report
  • Conducted a detailed white-boarding session to scope out support levels and complexity
  • Offered a scalable solution to achieve up to 50% y/y client growth
  • Improved the ability to source new investments and retain clients
  • Enabled high-powered real-time analytics
  • Reduced the production time of a 70-pager quarterly performance report by 95% (time reduced to less than 5 days from 90 days)
  • Automated ca. 80% of the funded status reports from trustee feeds using over 40 security types and over 100 various data feeds
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