Financial spreading and covenant monitoring solutions for a mid-size US bank

  • USD1.5m in cost savings

  • 20-30% increase in loan volumes managed onshore

  • 25% more client-facing time

  • 50% faster monitoring through automated templates vs manual process

  • Inconsistent financial spreading and covenant setup
  • Covenants not validated
  • Increasing backlog
  • Reduced client-facing time
  • Ambiguity in health of portfolio
  • Regulatory reporting challenges
  • Completed a one-time comprehensive database sanitisation
  • Set up a centralised team following standard methodologies to reduce inconsistencies
  • Performed end-to-end maintenance of covenant monitoring platform
  • Conducted stringent quality checks
  • Compiled a comprehensive MIS reporting system and dashboards


  • Standardisation and updating of database: Identified and corrected c.4,000 discrepancies
  • Improved data reliability through authentication: Identified a 25% error rate when validating borrower-submitted data
  • Efficient monitoring: Implemented technology-enabled solutions for validation and workflow management
  • Audit and control: Generated an audit trail for future reference
  • Robust portfolio management: Proactive identification and highlighting of early warning signs and focus areas
  • Compiled an extensive reporting framework including a portfolio dashboard and deviation tracker
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