Aura – Financial Data Extractor

BEAT Aura enables research analysts to automatically retrieve information from company filings and populate relevant data points in client-approved MS Excel models and templates.

Automated financial model builder

BEAT Aura introduces efficiency and accuracy by automating the manual and time-consuming process of searching for data in multiple company filings and updating Excel models

  • Managed services

  • Highly customisable and flexible

  • Easy to use with existing models

  • Strong validation process

  • Automatic back-up generation

  • Progressive learning

Why Choose Aura ?

  • Highly customisable

    Easily customisable to your business requirements and analytical needs

  • Shorter turnaround

    Up to 40% time saving on financial model updates

  • Helps maintain research process and depth

    The extracted data is uploaded directly to your in-use models and data files, requiring no change in the analytical process

  • Secured and customised implementation

    The platform is executed in our highly-secured online environment, fully compliant with your information security guidelines

  • Asset class-agnostic

    Can be customised according to the business unit’s requirements, and can be integrated with other BEAT apps and digital services and internal business tools/templates

Customisable financial data extraction tool

Reduce time to market and enhance depth of research by integrating Aura into your financial research process

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