Semiconductors are key to any technological innovation and impact everything from data centres, smart homes and cities to high-speed networks and the automotive sector. We offer bespoke strategy research services to uncover trends and opportunities in the semiconductor space.


The semiconductor sector is on the cusp of a new period of growth, fuelled by advances in AI, quantum computing, 5G and specialised applications. Although integrated circuit (IC) sales have been on a downcycle, this appears to be ending, and the global semiconductor sector is likely to start recovering in 2024. There are several semiconductor businesses, each with a distinct function in the ecosystem, supporting the growth of the sector. They include materials suppliers; equipment (lithography, deposition, etch) manufacturers; foundries (semiconductor manufacturers); integrated device manufacturers (IDMs); chip designers; and assembly, testing, marking and packaging (ATMP) companies.

We help businesses stay ahead of the curve through our strategic research offerings. Our pool of industry experts help organisations of all sizes achieve their strategic goals. We provide services at different stages of the lifecycle, including strategy research, corporate finance and M&A, and sales and marketing services.

A range of stakeholders across the semiconductor market have benefited from our flexible, scalable and bespoke research services.

Customer Testimonials

Thanks for your recent help on our foundry related project. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Leading semiconductor foundry

Head, Corporate Development

Have greatly appreciated fast and reliable support. I expect to increase requests for work in 2024. Thank you!

Global chip manufacturer


How we are different

Strong domain expertise

Comprehensive understanding of the semiconductor sector

Long history of supporting firms

Proficiency in combining and synthesising information

International delivery support centres

Flexible engagement model

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Market intelligence service support to a leading semiconductor manufacturer
What we are proud of

Mapped the global semiconductor market and government initiatives to help clients identify potential opportunities

Tracked semiconductor companies and developments such as product launches, M&A, outlook

Research and analysis support to a leading chip designer for the automotive sector
What we are proud of

Provided research support

Clients focus on identifying new market

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