Portfolio Research and Operations

Portfolio analytics and reporting solutions support to asset managers to create business alpha

Portfolio Research and Operations

Our ‘Portfolio Research and Operations practice provides support to a number of asset managers on activities across the portfolio management value chain, including the following:

  • Performance and risk analytics dashboards

  • Performance measurement and attribution

  • Risk metrics and analytics – beta, VaR, tracking error, correlation, risk attribution

  • Analytics using third-party platforms

  • Middle Office support

  • Portfolio Operations

  • Investment reporting

  • Portfolio analytics maintenance work on platforms such as FactSet, Barra Aegis, Axioma, Wilshire Axiom, Bloomberg and POINT

  • Portfolio Analytics and Reporting

We have distinguished ourselves from peers through our innovative products and client-centric and thought leadership approach in portfolio analytics and reporting and management. We enable clients to work on a "lean" model by offshoring analytical and technology requirements, increasing their bandwidth to focus on value-added strategies. We also help clients leverage our industry experience for superior portfolio risk analytics, efficient investment operations, enhanced reporting solutions, robust data integration and management, and bespoke applications, tools and dashboards. Our customers have experienced significant value from our strong capital markets knowledge coupled with data and technology capabilities to build innovative and tailored managed service solutions.

How we are different

Globalisation of best practices for portfolio analytics and reporting functions

Efficiencies from centralised processes

Automation-enhanced productivity

Greater operational flexibility

Cross-functional talent pool

What we have done

Portfolio Research and Operations for an Institutional Asset Manager
What we are proud of


in annualized savings


faster turnaround time

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