Asset Managers

Providing integrated solutions for asset managers across asset classes and business functions

Asset Managers

We provide asset managers and private wealth managers integrated solutions across asset classes and functions to improve investment performance, enhance client servicing, attract new client assets and retain assets in the existing complex business environment.

In addition, we help cut costs. Serving as an extended arm of asset and private wealth managers, we carry out all regular and critical functions (such as research, fund marketing, compliance, and portfolio monitoring and index operations) diligently irrespective of spikes in investment activity.


Asset Managers – Support We Offer

  • Portfolio Research and Operations Open

    Our ‘Portfolio Research and Operations practice provides support to a number of asset managers on activities across the portfolio management value chain, including the following:

    • Performance and risk analytics dashboards

    • Performance measurement and attribution

    • Risk metrics and analytics – beta, VaR, tracking error, correlation, risk attribution

    • Analytics using third-party platforms

    • Middle Office support

    • Portfolio Operations

    • Investment reporting

    • Portfolio analytics maintenance work on platforms such as FactSet, Barra Aegis, Axioma, Wilshire Axiom, Bloomberg and POINT

    • Portfolio Analytics and Reporting

    We have distinguished ourselves from peers through our innovative products and client-centric and thought leadership approach in portfolio analytics and reporting and management. We enable clients to work on a "lean" model by offshoring analytical and technology requirements, increasing their bandwidth to focus on value-added strategies. We also help clients leverage our industry experience for superior portfolio risk analytics, efficient investment operations, enhanced reporting solutions, robust data integration and management, and bespoke applications, tools and dashboards. Our customers have experienced significant value from our strong capital markets knowledge coupled with data and technology capabilities to build innovative and tailored managed service solutions.

  • Index Solutions Open

    As the focus shifts towards more passive strategies and ETFs, cost pressure increases, driving the need for innovative, market-relevant products and building infrastructure to support growth. Acuity Knowledge Partners is one of the leading global third-party vendor of index support, with more than 10 years of experience in supporting four of the world’s topindex providers. We offer end-to-end index support services under one roof – we provide index development and operations across strategy and benchmark indices with multi-asset-class coverage, thematic and strategy research, index marketing and client servicing.

    By leveraging our broad suite of Index services and solutions, our clients are able to move up the value chain and overcome budgetary and research bandwidth constraints. We help our clients develop and test new and monetisable research ideas. Furthermore, our research and analytics expertise and ability to take on regular maintenance work free up their time to focus on higher-priority objectives.

  • Structured Finance Services Open

    Acuity Knowledge Partners works with specialised structured finance companies and securitisation desks at leading investment banks and institutional investors globally, supporting their key business functions such as asset finance, structuring, portfolio management, research, trading, risk analytics and reporting. Our analysts work as a natural extension of client teams, providing support on critical tasks such as the following:

    • Loan tape cracking

    • Bespoke cash flow/credit modelling

    • Sourcing, organising and mining market data, and tracking custom metrics

    • Sell-side/buy-side research and publication

    • Valuation, stress testing and scenario analysis

    • Custom database/technology and automation solutions

    We take pride in our analyst pool with their multi-asset-class experience across functions in the securitisation space. Our deep domain understanding and tool-agnostic approach, coupled with in-house custom technology offerings, enable us to provide highly relevant, efficient and scalable solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing client systems and processes.

  • Data Science Open

    Global technology megatrends, regulatory developments, the competitive landscape and the rise of alternative data have been driving a paradigm shift in the capital markets ecosystem. Demand to find new avenues of alpha creation powered by data science techniques is at unprecedented levels. Acuity has been providing highly bespoke quantitative and technology-powered solutions to our buy-side and sell-side clients since 2005. To address growing demand in recent years, we launched a dedicated data science practice early in 2019 to provide unique and contextual insights based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

  • Research Publishing Open

    Research Publishing services, including supervisory analyst (SA) approval, editing, formatting & publishing, and design, have become a bottleneck for timely publication of reports and an area where costs have increased, since skilled SAs, editors, and formatting & publishing and design specialists are difficult to hire, train, and retain. Many of our clients are, therefore, outsourcing the process to reduce costs, increase efficiency, cut down on management oversight, and tap into a large pool of skilled resources with domain expertise.

    Acuity Knowledge Partners’ Research Publishing team – SAs, Editors, and Formatting & Publishing and Graphic Design Specialists – has over 15 years of experience serving global financial services firms. They review, approve, and publish research, meeting tough deadlines in a fast-paced work environment and amid a heavy flow of content. Working with our teams across the globe, clients can take advantage of the ‘follow-the-sun’ engagement model, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.

How we are different

Wide range of service offerings
Wide range of service offerings
One-stop solution for asset managers and private wealth managers, with expertise and offerings spanning front- and middle-office functions
Strong understanding of the domain
Strong understanding of the domain
Extensive experience supporting over 100 asset and private wealth managers across all major asset classes
Technology-driven services for front- and middle-office functions, led by our proprietary automation tool – BEAT (business excellence and automation tools)
Strong tool capabilities
Strong tool capabilities
Multi-language support and near-shore capabilities, with access to best talent pool

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Portfolio Research and Operations for an Institutional Asset Manager
What we are proud of


in annualized savings


faster turnaround time

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Financial Marketing Services for a Europe-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


annualized cost savings


reports generated per annum

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Centralization and Automation of Updates
What we are proud of


gain in process efficiency


reduction in CDB updating time

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Building an Integrated Global RFP Support Team for a Europe-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


RFP win rate


response acceptance rate

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Web Content Management for a US-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


in annualized cost savings


decrease in turnaround time

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Investment Management, Research and Operations for an Institutional Asset Manager
What we are proud of


in annualized savings


in annual savings

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Equity Research Support for a Europe Based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


models standardized and 650 results updated every quarter


industry reviews and 9 additional due diligence reports

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