Data Processing Support for a Telecom Firm’s Global Expansion

  • 14.1%

    increase in revenue

  • 5.7%

    increase in operating profit

  • 26.2%

    increase in mobile customers

  • 35

    countries covered for report delivery

  • Our client, a leading market research firm, partnered with a globally renowned telecom giant for a large research project, and approached us to assist them with data processing services. Through the project, named “Partner Marketing Tracker”, the end client was looking at conducting consumer research in more than 35 large countries in Europe, Africa, and APAC, where it is not a dominant player.
  • The research was designed to capture consumer responses within major cities to track the customer base and the performance of service providers. The targeted service provider list was segregated into two parts – international brands and local brands.
  • Key aims:
    • To identify the best-performing networks in local areas
    • To adopt those networks as local partners, and to push the client’s brand and services into new markets around the world (with least risk and lesser investment)
  • Why Acuity Knowledge Partners?:
    • Vast and proven experience of delivering ‘first time right’ reports on time
    • Strong project governance and structured SOPs
    • Complex tables setup and real-time reports for quick insight
  • Reviewed brand performance of international vs. local service providers, based on different age groups, through aided and unaided brand awareness
  • Reviewed average monthly spend trend among different target age groups to analyze the share by each age group
  • Allocated customers into segments such as consumer,business, and travelers, based on data collected
  • Reviewed imagery attributes data to analyze overall opinion and market barriers
  • Created KPI decks out of aided, unaided, usage and consideration data for initial trend analysis
  • Analyzed data on switchers vs. loyal customers to identify key reasons for the switch
  • Analyzed data on rival brands
  • Designed custom analysis to track preferred network in each region
  • Conducted a thorough and in-depth research requirement analysis
  • Put in place a focused and dedicated account team to deliver quick and accurate results
  • Applied multi-layer quality check toll gates to deliver first-time correct results, ensuring no rework or time loss
  • Aligned team members across different shifts, helping cover more than 35 geographies without any delay
  • Automated reports to auto-populate data, so reports could be delivered real time
  • Maintained a consultative approach, helping the client service team design an effective and efficient analysis plan
  • Generated fast and accurate results, giving the client service team more time to interact with the client and help in decision making
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