Open-End/Verbatim Coding


We specialise in transforming qualitative responses, comments and verbatim texts into a valuable digital asset. Our expertise in open-end and verbatim coding enables our clients to extract actionable insights from unstructured data, providing a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the audience.

Our experts meticulously code every spoken, written or visually conceptualised word, ensuring accuracy in revealing patterns, sentiment and themes, and capturing the essence of the data. We are proficient in multiple languages, making us ideal for projects involving diverse linguistic datasets, and our rigorous quality-control process ensures the highest level of accuracy in our coding services.

Our commitment to quality and confidentiality sets us apart as your trusted ally in data transformation.

How we are different

ESOMAR corporate member adhering to its market research code

ISO 20252, 9001, 27001 certified, ensuring highest levels of data security and compliance

Over 15 years of impeccable track record in providing market research services to global top 20 Market Research firms

Code basis defined sentiments and further support in segmentation

Customized intuitive report generation and insightful dashboards

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Understanding Perception Regarding a Particular Drug
What we are proud of

Improved CSAT ratings

Improvised packaging

Meet our experts

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