Improving performance of customer service function

  • Identified parameters influencing customer’s decision making

  • Shift focus on more critical function areas

  • 10-15% Improvement in operational efficiency

  • A market research company working for a global US based health plan service provider approached Acuity Knowledge Partners to identify result oriented and objective ways to improve performance of its customer service for its members
  • Data collection from the customers via online survey methodology by sending personal email invitations and filling feedback survey
  • Short 5 minutes interactive survey developed considering the audience and research objective using Confirmit Programming Platform
  • Sample response rate monitored using email campaign report
  • Real time survey progress using online dashboard
  • Tables and dashboard across all survey questions with statistics and KPIs designed and presented to client


  • Survey findings suggested that customers’ experiences with the Member Services Department influenced their feelings about the plan
  • Results also suggested that 25% focus should be on the Customer Services Department and 75% on staff retention
  • Longer employment resulted in improved operational efficiencies (gain of 10-15%) as the staff gained more expertise
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