Market Assessment – Online Banking Services

  • Assess the adoption rate of online banking services

  • Activate immediate remedial actions and strategize for long-term goals

  • Helped modifying the marketing campaign to increase awareness of online banking

  • Improved CSAT ratings; Remarkable interest generation

  • To assess customer satisfaction and customer feedback with regard to online banking services
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of online banking services
  • To understand the expectations of customers and “on-ground” delivery of online banking services
  • Designed an interactive 20-minute survey questionnaire
  • Collected data from 2000 retail and corporate bank customers (contact details provided by the client) via an online methodology by sending personal email invitations to participate in the survey
  • Identified different behavior patterns,including spending, investments, and online usage of banking facilities,and presented them using a range of charts and tabulations
  • Created quick, online customizable dashboards to:
    • Evaluate performance of the complete suite of banking offerings “as-on-ground”
    • Identify and list top 10 expectations of retail and corporate clients
    • Ascertain top 5 areas each with regards to customer satisfaction and improvement required


  • Research enabled the client to conduct a gap analysis between the services provided and its on-ground delivery:
    • Customers unaware of online banking terminology
    • High-service charges for online banking
    • Lack of trust for online banking services
    • Partial or minimal utilization of online banking
  • Key suggestions provided:
    • Increase ATM booths and cash availability
    • Increase e-lobby kiosks with training support
    • Increase customer awareness about on-line banking by arranging seminars, workshops, etc.
    • Resolve technological problems by using latest technologies
  • Use easy and secure system
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