Understanding Perception Regarding a Particular Drug

  • Improved CSAT ratings; Increased sales

  • Improvised packaging, leading to lower costs

  • New marketing campaign to deliver the right message

  • To analyze physicians’ and patients’ perception about a particular drug
  • To identify the brand and generic name of a drug
  • To notice all the brands of an individual generics
  • To draft a code frame (codebook) from complex/ unstructured raw data and their categorization
  • Conducted analysis on raw data and notified brands and generic names of all the brands
  • Created a well-organized and efficient code frame from unstructured raw verbatim with more appropriate categorization
  • Physicians’ and patients’ responses were analyzed by our highly skilled and knowledgeable pharma professionals and coded the Open End responses by assigning more appropriate codes


  • A well-structured, explanatory and efficient code frame with high quality was delivered
  • Count of each code was provided along with code frequency in code frame
  • Delivered error-free coded data in a client-agreed format
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