Investment feasibility support to a US-based investment management client

  • Achieved over 100% increase in the number of deal assessments

  • Ensured overnight turnaround for urgent deal assessments

  • Ensured better assessment in live deals

  • Curtailed several redundant tasks and enhanced existing financial models through application of technical knowledge

  • An opportunistic US-based real estate investor, with its portfolio consisting of multifamily, hospitality and industrial assets
    • Key challenges were:
    • Opportunistic deal identification (requires assessment of deals in high quantities), which was challenging, due to the client’s limited team size
    • Timeline constraints during a live deal
    • Inadequate client-facing time for the private equity principal
    • Retaining subject matter experts on the onshore side
    • Cost pressure due to the client’s team expansion
  • The strategic offshore team was set up in a way that it functioned as an extension of the onshore team that takes care of all complex and non-complex tasks
  • Helped refine output templates and enhanced efficiencies through application of technical knowledge
  • Developed comprehensive understanding of the underwriting and valuation models, with an objective to increase the number of deal assessments
  • Helped the client identify distressed deals by creating watch lists, analysing received deals through valuation and cash flow analysis, and checking the sales status of previously analysed deals
  • Helped draft detailed IC memos that elaborate the investment opportunity by summarising the valuation outcomes, highlighting the current condition of the asset, providing macroeconomic information and extensively analysing other qualitative aspects


  • Increased the total assessed properties by more than 2x by enabling higher efficiencies
  • Ensured all live deals are efficiently turned around within the specified timelines
  • Enhanced the onshore team’s scope to focus on higher-value add tasks and business expansion
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