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Trusted partner with proven experience in data research and data management solution.

Data Management Solutions & Services

Our best-in-class data management solutions are designed to help Research and strategy teams, Portfolio teams, investment operations, hedge funds and investment managers across the globe to Provide optimal solutions by combining data management and technology expertise to integrate or manage data in an efficient and easy-to-review manner. Our solutions include Data Sourcing, cataloguing, validation and maintenance along with data source automation, Data analysis, reporting tools and process reengineering. We also provide tech-enabled data management solutions, text analytics, supplier analytics, CRM analytics and customized client reports and dashboard. Our Domain experts have strong Industry experience and process knowledge along with data scraping and other automation capabilities. Data experts and technology specialists create a joint solution which helps clients implement last mile customization based on data requirement. Our long-standing relationships with global investment banks, asset management firms and hedge funds are testament to our client-centric and high-quality work, some of the core values of Acuity Knowledge Partners

How we are different

Domain experts with strong industry experience and process knowledge

Statistical tools and services to identify and fix data issues

Knowledge of data vendor tools

Providers of optimal data management solutions combining data management and technology expertise to integrate and manage data

What we have done

Quantitative Data Collection Services & Analytics Support for a Global Top 10 Hedge Fund
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