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Acuity’s Analytics, SEO & Advertising services provides comprehensive solutions to their clients inclusive of web analytics, web traffic analysis reports/dashboards, content strategy & optimization, advertising design support, growth lead marketing, remarketing and more. Our Analytics, SEO & Advertising experts are highly experienced in the industry leading platforms and tools being used by top Wealth Managers with the likes of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, HootSuite, Screaming Frog and Salesforce Tableau. We provide support on SEO ranking and website organic health, backlink analysis and optimization, analytics and/or advertising account audits and social media ad management

Our skilled experts also manage KPI reports/dashboards, SEO reports/dashboards, Prescriptive analytics reports/dashboards, organic keyword analysis, load speed and landing page optimization along with advertising performance analysis/reporting. Being consistently up to date with the current industry trends, our specialists will provide valuable knowledge on how your analytics, SEO and/or advertising can be optimized effectively, bringing higher ROI to your company.


Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Adobe Analytics


Screaming Frog




Microsoft PowerBI

Salesforce Tableau

LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads

What we have done

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Auditing Website SEO, Speed and Accessibility Metrics for a global asset manager
What we are proud of


reduced page load time



Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Analytics Tracking Clean-up and Restructuring for a US-based financial services firm
What we are proud of


accuracy in tracked data


increase in customer retention

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Financial Marketing Services for a Europe-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


annualized cost savings


reports generated per annum

Support for Consulting and Corporate Firms
Web Content Management for a US-based Asset Manager
What we are proud of


in annualized cost savings


decrease in turnaround time

Meet our experts

Fauzaan Farook

Director, Fund Marketing Services

Fauzaan manages multiple Fund Marketing Services teams in Colombo focusing on the Digital Marketing practice. He has over 19 years of total experience in the software and capital markets industries. He currently manages the end to end delivery of all digital marketing accounts at Acuity Knowledge Partners. Prior to this, he played the role of head of PMO in Quantitative Research. Fauzaan holds a Masters in Project Management specialising in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science (hons) in Information Systems.

Fauzaan Farook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO necessary for success?

SEO is pivotal to any business that wants to be noticed online and stay relevant and ahead of the competition. SEO will help you improve brand awareness, increase website traffic and achieve higher conversion rates in the long run. In addition to being an essential investment for long-term success, SEO ensures visitors to your website are provided with an improved user experience.

What happens if you do not invest in SEO?

If a business does not make use of SEO, its search engine rankings would drop over time. This would eventually lead to decreased organic traffic to your site and reduced visibility. This may also negatively affect paid advertisement efforts, as you would need to increase ad bidding (which would increase your overall digital advertising budget) to secure advertising space over competitors.

How can SEO success be measured?

To check if your SEO strategies are making a positive contribution to your website, you simply need to keep a close eye on your web analytics. For example, if the web users of your financial services firm currently spend more than three minutes and seven seconds, on average, and your bounce rate is lower than 47%, your website is meeting industry standards.

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