Analytics Tracking Clean-up and Restructuring for a US-based financial services firm

  • 95%

    accuracy in tracked data

  • Best-in-class

    analytics configuration and tracking

  • 27%

    increase in customer retention rate

  • End-to End’ data tracking to measure customer acquisition, engagement, and retention behavior
  • Create an effective tracking system to reduce the use of 3rd party and customized tag implementation
  • Achieve and maintain 95% accuracy in tracked data
  • For data-driven decision making, create actionable and interactive reports for executive, operational, and marketing purposes
  • Tag Manager set up to seamless integrate the customized tags
  • Audit and refined analytics configuration and tracking that allows to collect end-to-end performance data (95% data reliability)
  • Collection of reliable data (back-end data match by 95%)
  • Used R scripts to integrate granular Google Analytics data into Enterprise instance of Tableau for in-depth analysis
  • Facilitate dynamic data requirements of marketing and content management teams by creating reports with multiple view levels.
  • Set up routine, automated Analytics reports for different regions, delivered via e-mail (automated).
  • Successful in achieving and maintaining 95% accuracy in tracked data
  • Easier access to analytics data for managers
  • Effective use of data driven UX/UI optimizations which resulted in increase of customer retention rate by 27%.
  • Leveraged our experience in working on similar processes with other global financial firms and implemented best practices
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