Financial Marketing Services for a Europe-based Asset Manager

  • $2.4m

    annualized cost savings

  • 30%

    decrease in turnaround time

  • >30,000

    reports generated per annum

  • 100+

    automation tools developed

  • A global asset management firm required support in generating various reports, such as factsheets, presentations, brochures, client reports, and other Excel-based reports. It expected large volumes and wanted to ensure a quick turnaround with consistent quality.
  • However, the client was facing the following challenges:
    • Lack of bandwidth to handle quarterly volume peaks and increased demand from sales for new sales collateral
    • Lack of sophisticated database, issues with data quality, and coordination with multiple teams, which delayed time to market of reports
  • The client required a partner with proven expertise in fund marketing support, coupled with technology expertise, who could help deliver a profitable strategy
  • Assisted the client in designing a centralized database to plug data from various sources, including financial data providers
  • Acted as a central team and coordinated with various teams to source data
  • Automated data collation, validation, and reporting for a standard set of reports to improve report quality
  • Used Acuity Knowledge Partners Report Generator, a proprietary tool, to automate report generation
  • Streamlined processes and eliminated unwanted/manual subprocesses to reduce turnaround time


  • Deployed a multidisciplinary team with domain experts from fund marketing, data analytics, technology, and DTP
  • Implemented an efficient project management
  • Leveraged our experience in working on similar processes with other global asset managers and implemented best practices
  • Implemented strong governance framework to provide strategic guidance to the engagement
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