Web Content Management for a US-based Asset Manager

  • $1.6m

    annualized cost savings

  • 45%

    time saved due to efficient processes

  • >1500

    content updates per month

  • 60%

    decrease in turnaround time

  • The CMO of a global asset manager wanted to improve digital content available on their multi-manager, multi-asset products to better connect with institutional investors and financial advisors. The website content was outdated and inconsistent due to inadequate maintenance and a lack of process standardization. There was also a need for regular maintenance:
    • Inefficient existing web production processes meant a lot of time and resources had to be spent on content publishing and reporting
    • Large volume of content coupled with inefficient processes strained the company in terms of cost.
    • It took as much as 6 weeks for a new product to be added on to the website, resulting in competitive disadvantage
    • Slow execution of regulation-mandated web and collateral updates, such as fund manager changes and asset reallocations, posed legal risks
  • Created new web pages and functionalities, and streamlined content on individual pages
  • Established consistent processes and standards across business units and regions
  • Scoped out all web pages and collaterals, pertinent to regulatory updates, ahead of time. Prepared a detailed plan for change execution, quality assurance, compliance review, and publishing
  • Carried out performance, holdings, manager, and other data and document updates on web pages and internal document repository
  • Used dynamically updated excel reports to reflect updated data values


  • Deployed a multidisciplinary team consisting domain experts from digital marketing, web-based technology, and fund marketing
  • Implemented an efficient work-flow management system to improve deadlines and data tracking, resulting in effective project management
  • Leveraged our experience in working on similar processes with other global asset managers and implemented best practices
  • Established a strong governance framework to provide strategic guidance to the engagement
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