US private credit fund: Automated and self-service analytics for enhanced portfolio insights

  •  100+


  • 6


  • 40+

    analytical dashboards

  • Managing Director and Head of Portfolio Analytics of a leading investment firm with USD40bn+ in AuM
  • Lacked a coherent analytics framework for management team to monitor portfolio/strategy performance
  • Acuity team was tasked with designing and developing data analytics capabilities to generate detailed insights required to monitor, reconcile and grow investments
  • Deployed a team of 1 data analyst and 1 BI architect to address the requirement
  • Collaborated with each BU to identify investment strategies, analyse trends and associated portfolio KPIs
  • Designed custom wireframes for easily accessible insights, segment-wise cuts and drill-down analysis
  • Created high-level portfolio summary views and deep-dive analytical views based on critical KPIs
  • A single version of truth across business groups via streamlined data supply chain covering 6 strategies with 100+ funds
  • 40+ custom-tailored dashboards specific to business groups (BOD, PMs, Finance, etc.)
  • Extensive insights into investment style exposures, concentration risk and sources of risk diversification
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What we have done

Data tagging and analysis focused on fundamental sub-sector equity strategy
What we are proud of

800+ merchant names tagged

Optimised and scalable solution across datasets and sectors

Enterprise-level data management powered by analytics
What we are proud of

Expertise in market data

Handled end-to-end data-pipeline transformation for more than 1,000 datasets

US asset manager: Non-linear factor modelling for systematic investment strategies
What we are proud of


assets analysed


external data pipelines built

Global asset manager (AuM: USD700bn+): Natural language processing for ESG investing
What we are proud of


data fields analysed


alternative datasets sourced

Leading South African bank: Alternative data analysis to differentiate equity research
What we are proud of


real-estate property data points



API-based access to analyst credit research model data for advanced analytics and visualisation for top-tier European asset manager
What we are proud of


Automation in the publishing of model data

Improved data quality

Risk data, application management and reporting for a consortium of 20 development banks
What we are proud of


automated report generation process


Reduced cost of ca.

CRO risk data, CECL, analytics and reporting for a US-based bank
What we are proud of

Offered scalable automated solutions

Centralised one data warehouse