Seismic support to a Greenwich-based asset management firm

  • 130 pitchbooks created

  • 6,000+ slides migrated

  • 2,000+ hours saved

  • Improved marketing analytics

  • Lack of bandwidth and familiarity with Seismic
  • Multiple data files in different formats
  • Duplication of effort on common slides
  • Slide organisation for Seismic setup involved manual work and took time
  • Deployed a team with domain and marketing knowledge along with a supervisor with strong project management skills
  • Grouped, linked and categorised all slides, set up tags and structured Seismic folders to fit operational and sales requirements
  • Set up automations and Excel templates to minimise manual intervention for raw data processing
  • Update and maintain process and collateral on an ongoing basis


  • Improved turnaround time
  • Increased accuracy
  • Streamlined process
  • Improved client’s bandwidth
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What we have done

Leveraging technology: LiveDocs implementation and Seismic support
What we are proud of

Set up workflow to publish marketing assets

Set up centralised processes

Transition: Migrating factsheet-generating process from current vendor to Seismic
What we are proud of

One-stop solution for data processing

Seismic-based solution to update LiveDocs