Conjoint Analysis for a Dutch Brewing Company

  • Launched new product at an attractive price point

  • Increase in sales

  • Improved customer perception

  • Data to guide launch of new products

  • A Dutch beer company wanted to predict the market share of a proposed new product in the market place given competitors’ current offerings
  • The marketing team wanted to gain insight on the tradeoffs customers were willing to make on the various attributes or features being considered in the new product design
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners conducted a three-step process to predict the market share of the new product
  • Step 1: Designing the study:
    • Accessed respondents’ data from the survey and identified data elements for various beer brands in the market
    • Defined quantifiable product attributes and their levels for a beer bottle
    • Created various combinations based on the level of each attribute
  • Step 2: Obtaining customer data and separating preferences:
    • Analyzed respondents’ ratings of designed product options
    • Separated customer preferences for products into “part-worth” utilities associated with each option of each attribute of a product category
  • Step 3: Simulating to determine a good product design:
    • Predicted customer preferences for a combination of attribute options
    • Determined the optimal product concept
    • Determined the most important attributes
    • Identified market segments that value a particular product concept highly
    • Created new product profiles for product offerings to predict their market shares
    • Calculated the company’s market share with and without the proposed new product
  • The following strategic insights and recommendations were provided as part of the study:
    • Identified “flavor and aftertaste” as the most important attribute determining consumer preference
    • Recommended a change in flavor and packaging type of the proposed new product
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