Financial Editing: Five reasons why you need an editing expert

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The Bigger Picture

A well-crafted piece of financial literature is the result of a lot of groundwork, ranging from research and number crunching to the application of formulae and theories, and then, of course, penning the research. Equally crucial is the next stage of the process, where a business/financial editor helps the writer make the draft clear, concise, unambiguous and devoid of sensitive content that could pose regulatory or reputational risks for the author and the firm.

Why is editing crucial?

  • Our own mistakes are more difficult to spot! When we read our own work, we know what we want to say, and this knowledge fills in any gaps in the writing, leaving them unnoticed.

  • First impressions count. Sloppy writing, data errors, grammar issues and spelling mistakes turn readers off and they are unlikely to come back later.

  • Editors help avoid content-related financial, reputational and regulatory risks. Data mismatches and factual errors can tarnish a company’s reputation. Exaggerated or promissory language, circulation of rumours and plagiarised or inaccurate sourcing of text are serious concerns too.

  • A well-written and well-edited draft ensures professionalism and wins business.

What are the key focus areas for an editor?

Editors bridge the gap between writers and readers. Basic tasks such as reviewing the language and adhering to a style guide definitely need to be performed, but research editors add much more value.

Clarity of thought:

Writers often take a reader’s understanding of the content for granted and leave complex business- or industry-related concepts and terms unexplained. They may also not provide sufficient background when explaining certain scenarios. In such instances, the editor functions as the first “reader”, and as a friendly customer, can point out those areas that require clarity.

Structure and flow

The structure and flow of the argument are critical, and editors with knowledge of the subject matter can quickly spot gaps in them.

The introductory paragraph of an initiation report is given below. The edited version follows the pyramid structure and the content flows in an orderly manner.

Action-oriented content

The pandemic has increased the significance of content on products and services. From a business perspective, therefore, one of an editor’s most important tasks is helping the writer draft action-oriented content. A business editor can help guide readers to specific conclusions, outcomes and actions.

Number/Fact checking

An editor experienced in reviewing financial content provides a second-layer check of sensitive financial data and facts presented in the report.

Checking sensitivities:

Company management, governments, political parties, religious groups and other communities could be sensitive about what is written, especially if the information is speculative and not adequately supported by appropriate sources or sound logic.

An editor, therefore, performs a crucial function, ensuring the content is factual, appropriately sourced and backed by logical reasoning. An editor also ensures the content is in line with the regulations and policies of the groups concerned and the compliance standards set by regulatory authorities and clients.

A good editor is a war half won

An editor is also responsible for the following basic functions – proofreading, checking language and determining coherence, logic, reasoning and relevance of text in a document. An editor also ensures the prescribed style is followed.

Also, we at Acuity know how to handle sensitive content that could offend readers, businesses or governments if not written with care. On the flip side, a well-crafted and well-expressed written material without any ambiguities can help seal the deal for the sender. It serves the purpose. It is a war half won.

How can Acuity Knowledge Partners help?

Acuity Knowledge Partners, with a strong editorial department, can help you publish your content in good time and get you the early mover advantage in today’s high-volume, ultra-competitive content landscape. Our editorial team, comprising highly experienced editors who joined us from global news and research organisations and financial institutions, has the ability to meet tough deadlines in a fast-paced work environment and amid a heavy flow of work on a daily basis.

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