Market Assessment of the Saudi Arabia Genomics Industry

  • Assessed healthcare insurance across major economies

  • Identified factors important to invest in the genomics sector

  • The client was a Saudi Arabia-based private equity firm that wanted to invest in the company working in clinical & consumer genomics market
  • Overview of the Saudi Arabia's genomics market and leading players in the country
  • This included estimating market size; assessing competition; and regulatory environment; and forecasting demand and supply
  • Market Assessment
  • Conducted secondary and primary research for the following:
    • Healthcare industry in the Saudi Arabia - Segments and value chain
    • Differentiators with other countries (cities) in terms of cost matrix and value proposition
    • Healthcare challenges and opportunities in the Saudi Arabia
    • Analyzed the key segments and core system/business areas
    • Reviewed business models
  • Competitive analysis
  • Conducted secondary and primary research for the following:
    • Assessed healthcare insurance across major economies- Singapore, UK, and Japan
    • Analyzed negotiation rates with plan providers
    • Identified ways to cut costs and save money
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Conducted secondary and primary research to gain an understanding of the following:
    • Conducted a benchmarking exercise to determine how leading companies operate and regulate - the healthcare and insurance industries in the Saudi Arabia
    • Compared the performance metrics of the target company with the competitor companies in Saudi Arabia
  • Strategic Insights & Recommendations
  • Conducted secondary and primary research for the following:
    • Sectoral analysis and KPI identification to extract essential insights about current and future difficulties
    • Provided recommendations on key parameters with a focus on the existing and possible future of Genomics market dynamics
  • The report offered practical recommendations for each area, including potential impact and implementation efforts
  • Evaluated the positioning of the target company and competitors in the genomic market of the Saudi Arabia and regulatory requirements and the current situation
  • Assisted the client in identifying the important factors that are important to make an investment in the genomics sector
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