Partner Scouting for a Canada-based medical device manufacturer

  • Offered direct-to-market software

  • Helped create cutting-edge digital health solutions

  • Key competitors along with their key products and services offered in the medical devices sector
  • Identify key competitive advantages, areas of expertise, and novel products & technology offered by medical devices manufacturing companies
  • Identification of the right partner for business collaboration based on the comparative analysis
  • Competitor’s analysis
  • Conducted secondary research for the following:
    • Conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis of the PPE / medical disposable items to understand the overall competitive landscape and identify the major players in Europe and Asia with a focus on public companies listed in the London and Frankfurt stock exchanges
    • Established an exhaustive list of key PPE / medical disposable manufacturers, and short-listed major players based on revenue, market presence, product offerings, regional presence, etc.
  • Partner Scouting
  • Conducted secondary research to gain an understanding of the following:
    • Compared key players across various parameters, including their value proposition, revenue, key products, supply chain, distribution network, marketing strategies, and other related attributes to attain the top 5 players
    • Profiled and evaluated top 5 players for their business alignment with clients and provided five suggestions for possible collaboration.
  • Five prospects were identified through careful assessment of various PPE manufacturers in Europe and Asia
  • Provided client with detailed company profiles, product portfolios along with financial status of all five prospects
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What we are proud of

Five prospects identified through assessment of various PPE manufacturers

Provided client with detailed company profiles and product portfolios of prospects