Competitive analysis & benchmarking – Healthcare Consulting groups

  • Researched on US DSO market with a focus on pediatric dentistry

  • Enhanced the client's presence in existing geographies

  • Key products, tools, technology enablers, and software products offered by competitors
  • Benchmarking based on parameters such as value proposition, key tools / technological innovations, direct-to-market software, tools, and related intellectual property
  • Gaps and opportunities in the healthcare sector through the enablement of advanced technology, tools, and software
  • Competitor’s analysis
  • Conducted secondary research for the following:
    • Key technological attributes of competitors in healthcare consulting space
    • Developments made & advancements in technology by competitors
    • Direct-to-market software offered
    • Proprietary technology offered
    • Opportunities & challenges
    • Major strengths & weaknesses of competitors
  • Competitor’s benchmarking
  • Conducted secondary research to gain an understanding of the following:
    • Key products & services offered
    • Objectives & Strategies
    • Identifying key competitive advantages and areas of expertise of competitors
    • Service categories
    • Target customers
    • Resource allocations
    • Key value proposition
  • Strategic Insights
  • Based on analysis on the following aspects:
    • Areas of opportunities in healthcare proprietary technology and software services for healthcare providers
    • Competitor’s business model
    • Assessed tools, services, and software offered by competitors
    • Investment focus and resource allocations
    • Technology development and advancement priorities
    • SWOT analysis


  • Advised client to enhance the current services through technological advancements or by specializing in services areas like operational and value-based care with technological expertise
  • Suggested to enhance expertise in operational transformation by building proprietary tools in partnership with a technology or AI-based company
  • Provided guidance to establish cutting-edge digital health solutions by concentrating on care delivery strategies and building virtual care in home settings to provide increased care to patients
  • Suggested to expand global footprint through organic or inorganic strategy, particularly in developing markets
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