Leveraged loan modelling and analysis for a top three UK-based global bank

  • 1000+ leveraged loans

  • 20-25% more client-facing time

  • 1 day turnaround for prioritised requests

  • Over USD 90bn loan commitments monitored

  • Irregular update of credit pay-down projection models
  • Irregular and inconsistent financial analysis of the portfolio by different risk teams
  • Increasing regulatory compliance requirements
  • Low bandwidth for system transitioning and value-added activities
  • Deploy a centralised team and well-defined E2E process maps for all activities (financial variance analysis, model re-run) along with a detailed methodology to streamline the process and generate consistent output
  • Provide support on quarterly financial analysis of borrowers, such as variance analysis of actual versus bank projections and management budget, covenant monitoring and EV analysis.
  • Create a detailed credit paydown model with enterprise valuation in base, downside and stress scenarios
  • Migration and monitoring of asset based lending (ABL) portfolio to a web-based platform (William Stucky)


  • Prioritised credit model and financial analysis delivered within 24 hours
  • Regular and timely quarterly portfolio review for meeting regulatory compliance
  • Real time tracking of portfolio performance covering key credit parameters and credit history for early identification of riskier credits
  • Efficiency improvement and technology solutions are channelised to deliver higher volumes, ad hoc projects and value-added comments
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