Industry and competition research for a Fortune 20 technology firm

  • 40-50%

    cost savings through offshore support

  • 10-12%

    more time for core strategy and planning work

  • Industry research for the Corporate Development and Marketing teams across a range of technology markets including consumer tech, mobility and semiconductors
  • Key requirements:
    • Market study/brief: market definition, market size, competitive landscape, market shares, products/solutions, trends, drivers and challenges
    • Technology company profile: company overview, footprint, funding/financials, annotated stock charts, products, M&A and investments, partnerships, executive bios, corporate timeline, competitive landscape
    • Ad hoc projects such as economic impact studies; pandemic thematic – vaccine development, future of the workplace, etc.; global issues; M&A/investment briefings
    • Newsletter: capital markets and geopolitics, big tech news, tech M&A and investments, semiconductors, connected and autonomous mobility
  • Set up a pyramid-structured offshore team based on the complexity of workstreams
  • Rolled out a well-structured training plan
  • Conducted exhaustive desk research based on open sources and proprietary databases followed by analysis
  • Maintained close collaboration with the client’s strategy team on each project to clearly understand requirements, discuss research approach, refine output and make final delivery
  • Became an integral part of client teams
  • Compiled crisp, executive-ready decks for the client’s senior staffers
  • Increased ability of client’s strategy teams to track market developments and stay ahead of the competition
  • Helped client teams map white spaces and identify potential opportunities
  • Freed up client’s bandwidth for core jobs
  • Channelled efficiency improvement to deliver higher volumes, ad hoc projects and highly complex work
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What we have done

Corporate development support for the autonomous mobility unit of a Fortune 10 tech conglomerate
What we are proud of


Better economics and coverage – saved through offshore support


hours of research support for the Corporate Development and Product teams

Industry and competition research for a digital gaming startup
What we are proud of


Impactful research on investors and funding opportunities – funding secured since engagement initiation


Provided additional bandwidth to client teams, leading to faster delivery of critical strategy projects

Transition support – from on-premise to the cloud – for an ERP solutions provider
What we are proud of


operational efficiencies achieved


lower cost than onshore consulting support

Market entry strategy for a prominent Middle-Eastern money transfer and payments provider
What we are proud of


cost savings


more time for core strategy