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Acuity's CRM support specialists provide personalized services to sales and marketing teams ranging from CRM set-up and configuration, management and administration, development and customization, data reporting, and platform integration. Our experience with systems such as Salesforce, Dealcloud and Microsoft Dynamics give us insight into CRM best practices and processes that help optimally leverage your CRM system.

Our comprehensive lead scoring solutions assist sales professionals in classifying leads by quality, engagement, and areas of interest – helping recommend appropriate follow-up actions. Engagement data from a variety of Digital Marketing touchpoints such as web, email and social is used to build a holistic profile of potential clients, maximizing sales efficacy.


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What we have done

Comprehensive Lead Scoring Solution to a Mid-sized Global Asset Manager
What we are proud of


New retail leads per week


decrease in turnaround time

CRM Data Migration and Ongoing Maintenance Support to a European Investment Bank
What we are proud of


Cost savings


more client-facing time

Meet our experts

Fauzaan Farook

Director, Fund Marketing Services

Fauzaan manages multiple Fund Marketing Services teams in Colombo focusing on the Digital Marketing practice. He has over 19 years of total experience in the software and capital markets industries. He currently manages the end to end delivery of all digital marketing accounts at Acuity Knowledge Partners. Prior to this, he played the role of head of PMO in Quantitative Research. Fauzaan holds a Masters in Project Management specialising in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science (hons) in Information Systems.

Fauzaan Farook

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would asset managers benefit from CRM support?

A CRM system is designed to serve as the central repository of all customer-related information. In practice, however, sales teams often rely on a combination of emails and spreadsheets to manage customer data. Our CRM solutions aim to address this issue by ensuring that all customer interactions and data are recorded within the CRM system. This leads to increased efficiency, improved collaboration and enhanced data quality for our clients. We assist clients in cleaning and optimising their existing data, and performing essential housekeeping to ensure the information stored within the CRM system is always up to date.

What are Acuity’s Salesforce support areas?

Salesforce administration support: Our Salesforce-certified administrators work as an extension of a client’s sales enablement team and take ownership of system administration tasks including providing ongoing support, monitoring and maintenance of Salesforce orgs.

Development and integration support: Our Salesforce-certified developers support clients by identifying requirements and developing customised solutions on the Salesforce CRM system; they also help integrate Salesforce with other third-party applications such as ERP, marketing automation or customer service platforms.

Data management and migration support: We assist your team in migrating data from legacy systems to Salesforce and help carry out ongoing data management activities such as data cleansing and data de-duplication.

What factors should be considered when implementing a lead scoring system?

There are several ways in which a lead scoring system can be implemented. We are experienced in working with systems implemented on marketing automation platforms, such as Eloqua and Pardot, as well as fully-fledged systems leveraging data warehouses and customised scoring algorithms.

Firms need to consider the level of maturity of their digital marketing systems and study the integration possibilities of each system. They should also consider the outcomes they expect from a lead-scoring system: do they only require a score on the extent of interaction, or do they need to know the specific topics and funds/products a prospective client is interested in?

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